Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 4, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday. I like my birthday- always have, and nothing in particular has to happen for the day to be special. Maybe it's just between God and me at this point in my life- He gave me life- I was born on December 3rd, and I'm glad!
Since the pecan trees started dropping nuts back in October, I usually wander my way from the back of our yard to the house on route to feeding and watering my chickens. There is something about finding the pecans nestled among the leaves- it's like finding treasure. Pecans grow in a sort of outer shell which opens when they are fully ripe. I especially like when they fall with the case, which looks a little like a brown flower with a pecan at the center. I pick the flower from the ground and the nut slides out, ready to crack and eat, or to save for another day. I've got my own secret stash of unshelled pecans that I pick up on my way each morning.
Sometimes, looking at a familiar passage of Scripture, I'll see something I've never seen before. The pecans that fall with their outer cases are a little like those verses. The familiar outer case- but filled with treasure just waiting to be discovered. When I've planted a row of lettuce or a tomatoes, I enjoy harvesting my crops, but our pecan crop is somehow different. I didn't plant the pecans, they just fall from the trees as they ripen, and we pick them up and enjoy. Good gifts from God- like life itself. Hope you enjoy your birthday when it comes!


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