Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Everything Give Thanks...

This morning, as I pulled my socks onto my feet, they felt so comfortable- soft, stretchy and just the right thickness- and my feet felt good! "Thank You, Lord, for comfortable socks."

I have a really comfortable pair of shoes that my sister gave me. I pulled them on over my socks and I stopped again. "Thank You for these shoes, Lord, and thank you for my sister."

That got me thinking, and so my thinking went:
Thank You for both of my sisters. Thank You for the family I was born into and grew up with- four brothers, two sisters, my mother and father, grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins.

I miss my mother. Almost nine years have passed since she left us- but those few years before she died were harder, I think, than I've let myself realize. Just yesterday, I thought of my mother and remember what she was like before Pick's disease robbed her- and us- of her personality and gifts. I think I'm sometimes a slow healer. But now I'm starting to remember my mother, before she was sick. How blessed I am that we spent as much time together as we did in those years before she was sick, and what a fun, talented, and multi-faceted person she was. I miss her so much- but Thank You, Lord, for my mother. And thank You for refreshing my memory this week.



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