Sunday, January 25, 2009

We have the most amazing birds in our yard. Nothing rare, as far as I know, but so colorful and beautiful. They come to the trees right outside of our sunroom, which is second-floor level, and so we get really good views. One day last week a cardinal family came- it seemed that the adults were supervising the juveniles. The proud father's coloring was so vivid, it actually took my breath. He perched on a branch with his chest puffed out (possibly as insulation from the cold, I think, rather than pride), watching over his family.
I show my bird-ignorance by telling about the two woodpeckers that came along later that day- brilliant red heads and tailored markings. They landed on the telephone pole outside of our window- interrupting me right in the middle of a lesson, but I couldn't help drawing the kids' attention away from the material before us to watch these birds.
We get bluebirds- so blue! And many others- wrens, sparrows, tufted titmouse, and others I haven't yet learned to identify. We had a beautiful hawk (I don't know what kind) swoop down into our yard, too- unfortunately it was trying to nab one of my chickens- so I didn't fully appreciate it's majestic approach (the chickens made a lot of noise but escaped without apparent injury). And then there are my chickens- big, white waddling birds of a breed I haven't quite been able to determine. So- lots of birds to watch and appreciate. Now I have to try learning more of their names.

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