Thursday, April 09, 2009


Writer's Digest promotes a "Poem a Day" challenge. Write a poem every day. I've done this before on my own, but decided to participate in the challenge this year. Today's prompt was to write about a memory. This one is for Luke.


You don't know,
standing there, a man now.

You don't know
that somehow, despite the broad shoulders
of your adult frame
and although the face may be bearded now-
when you smile, little lines are etched in those familiar creases

You don't know, you can't know

I look at you, amazed.
You are a person, grown- no child
A person it seems I hardly know today
and yet I have
so many years of knowing

You are still
the child I held to my heart
even before you were born

Even now,
I see your infant face gazing intently at my own.
your child face as you looked at things you'd never seen before,
and shared the wonder-
first words- so many words!
first steps gave way to
sure steps and then
to mountain climbing feet

And now, a man.
A person separate from me
and yet
never separate from the child
always in my heart.

You can go away from me-
must go away from me, it seems-
but you will never, ever
not be
in my heart.

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