Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Today's prompt in the Poem-a-Day Challenge was to write a poem incorporating a hobby. Any mother knows that time to pursue hobbies can be very scarce during these growing-up years. I have lots of interests, and I dabble in lots of things. That's sort of the direction my poem for today took. Here it is:

Incorporate a hobby.
That's what I like to do.
Make a pleasurable pastime
instead of simply "having to."

A body’s got to eat
but there is more that can be said-
there’s the art of grinding flour
and creating daily bread.

Our children will grow and need to know
so many things, and I
can learn and grow along with them-
not merely standing by.

With a field guide and binoculars
I look closely at the tree
and then shuffle through the pages
to find the bird I see.

You can’t get more mundane than laundry
but I find it’s kind of fun
to make my special laundry soap
and get the cleaning done.

They say, the Jack of all trades
has mastered not a one
I think that may be true of me,
and when my life is done...

I will have tried a bit of this
and practiced some of that
as many times necessity
has made me change my hat.

I’m learning to quilt, make paper,
and I keep a couple of hens;
the garden produces enough
to give some away to friends.

I haven’t got credentials,
Not an expert anything
But maybe there is more to life
than just accomplishing...

Incorporate a hobby.
That's what I like to do.
Making LIFE a pleasurable pastime
instead of simply "having to."

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