Saturday, January 09, 2010

Do I Remember to Say "Thank You?"

Luke 17:11-19 tells of ten lepers who asked Jesus to heal them, and received that healing. Only one of them, upon realizing that Jesus had done what they asked, stopped what he was doing so that he could go back and thank Jesus. Jesus noted that the one who came back was "a foreigner," probably a Samaritan- one of those less-than-desirable people according to the prevailing Jewish opinion of that day.

Lately, I've been trying to remember to pray more often, even about little things. I pray for blessings in the lives of friends and family, and I'm starting to ask more often for help in the big and little difficulties in my own life. So today, when I realized that the water pipes for our washing machine had frozen, I asked God to help. The pipes are vulnerable because they run for about 20 feet along the outside of the house, but they are hidden behind the insulation and cardboard that line the floor of our second floor add-on. (I realize this is hard to picture, so don't worry about it!) Anyway, standing with a blow dryer won't work. The insulation is usually adequate for our mild Georgia winters, but it's been getting pretty cold every night lately, and barely heating up during the days.

Anyway! When I tried to start the washing machine this morning, I realized right away what the problem was. I also knew that the temperature was not expected to get very high today. Having lived "up North" for most of my life, I also know what can happen to pipes that freeze. Not seeing too many options, I thought to ask the Lord for some help. Yes, I prayed that He would cause our pipes to thaw, and not burst.

Happily, when I tried again early this afternoon, a small trickle of water started to drip into the machine. I let it run until both the hot water and the cold were flowing full force. Hurray!

It wasn't until about an hour later that I realized I hadn't thought to thank God for His help. Some people would say that as the day warmed up the pipes would've thawed on their own. Maybe so; or maybe not. I do know that I asked God for help, and I received the answer I hoped for.

God watches over all that He created; He holds the Universe in place, no ruler comes to power except those that He ordains, and yet, He hears my prayers, and causes pipes to thaw on my behalf. And then I forget to say "Thank You." The other nine lepers, presumably, were Jews. I know God as my heavenly Father. Is lack of gratefulness somehow the perogative of children? Lord, I'm sorry! And thank you, not only for causing those pipes to flow, but for all of the many, many blessings I so often fail to notice or acknowledge.