Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ambling (Not Quite Rambling) Thoughts for a New Year
Well, the new year is underway, and I thought I should record some thoughts.  I usually wait till I think of something I want to say here, but today I will just write and think as I go.
I miss a lot of things about living in New Hampshire, but even as Georgia shoppers were rushing today to buy bread, milk and whatever else it is that we must have when there is SNOW in the forecast- and yes, the forecast is for snow, and possibly ice, starting tomorrow night- I was out planting some garlic and doing a little general puttering in the garden.  That I can putter in my garden in January is one of the things I really LIKE about living in Georgia. I raked some leaves, too (I wanted to mulch the garlic).  I was wearing a sweatshirt instead of short sleeves today, but it felt good to be outside. 
I think my master plan, if I make one for my life, will include two hours of outdoor work every day.  Gardening would do it for me. Then I want three or four hours to write.  After that, I can do whatever else I need to do, especially things that involve other people.  Not that I don't like other people; I love people and want to spend time with my family and friends on a regular basis (I'm sure my husband will be relieved to hear this).  I would just like to have those few undisturbed hours every day.....
Something keeps making the motion-sensitive floodlight on the side of the garage go on.  This is the light that illuminates the chicken run, but chickens don't like to move in the dark so I'm quite sure they are not responsible.  Sometimes neighborhood cats like to prowl across the chicken run, but most of the neighborhood cats have developed a decided aversion to our yard, which I guess means Toby and Mollie are good for something, anyway, and it's probably not a cat making the light turn on.  I'm thinking maybe it's just the wind moving the branches of the fig tree.  I might have to learn how to turn that light off.  It's been on for at least an hour now, and I hate to run up the electric bill for no good reason.
Back to my garden; it's not doing as well this year as it did last winter. I've got a book requested from inter-library loan on winter gardening.  I can't wait to get it.  Last year all of my collards and broccoli and everything did really well right through till spring.  This year is not going as well.  We did have a much colder than usual December, with successive days that stayed below freezing.  This following a hotter than usual summer, which was hard on almost everything except the okra.  I'm still learning how to garden in Georgia.  It's definitely different from gardening up North, and of course, every year is different, which makes gardening more of an art than a science, I think, and I would like to be a better artist.
I decided that I would skip the New Year's Resolutions this year, and just work on bringing my life into better focus. Or maybe I should say bringing better focus to my life.  Yes.  Maybe even working on that master plan.
And I will end my ambling with one of my favorite quotes, this from Paracelsus:  "He who knows nothing, loves nothing.  He who can do nothing understands nothing.  But he who understands also loves, notices, sees.... the more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love....   Anyone who imagines that all fruits ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing about grapes." 


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