Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've always liked the song, but now that I think about it, I don't really WANT to
 "Climb Every Mountain"

I've always loved The Sound of Music, especially the music! And Climb Every Mountain always sounded like good inspirational advice.  There are several friendly little mountains (located in New Hampshire, every one of them!) that I particularly love to climb.  But as I finished my second semester at GPC last week, I had the great feeling of having successfully climbed a mountain.  It was a challenging semester, mostly because I was taking Algebra, but just trying to keep up with the work demanded by all four of my classes while home schooling my kids, making sure my husband had clean clothes and lunches every day and cooking an occasional meal for the family.... I will confess, it was hard.  The hardest part was the Algebra.  Not that I am not good at math, I was even in honors classes in junior high school- but the terminology has changed a lot.  Actually, the technology has changed a lot, too-  I had to use a graphing calculator for this class- we used slide rules when I was in high school. 
 Yes, it was hard.  I tend to shy away from things that are hard, I think.  But once started, I am compelled to succeed.  I did algebra almost every day, and I dreamed about algebra almost every night.  Seriously.  The first week, I felt like I'd been run over by a train.  For most of the semester, I felt like I was running after the train, desperately trying to get on at the next station.  But a funny thing happened last week as I was studying for my final exam.  A lot of it starting falling into place.  I knew what the terms meant, I knew how to solve a lot of the problems.  I actually felt pretty confident about that exam.  I realized, as I continued to work through practice problems, that I really like math!
I feel like I've climbed a mountain this semester, and it feels really good.

So why wouldn't I want to climb every mountain?

Mountain climbing is hard work. Exhilarating, yes- but hard work.  And I don't think I was made to do it all of the time.  Some mountains, I am very content to admire from a distance.  Some mountains, I would be scared to climb, and others are beyond my ability.  So even though I love the song, I'm not going to try to climb every mountain. And for this summer at least, I am kind of hoping to follow some gentler trails.



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