Saturday, February 08, 2014

February Already?

I spent a little time in my garden this week.  I figure the asparagus will start showing up before I know it, so I pulled a few little weeds that had grown up, threw down a bit of compost, a handful of lime, and a couple of inches of leaves.

I plan to do some soil testing this year. Having decided that I want to be a little more disciplined and systematic about gardening, soil testing seems a good place to start.  Right now my garden seems like everything else in my life- sort of dead and unattractive. The rabbit(s) ate almost everything I planted this fall, only leaving the collards. I count on my collards! Every year they produce all through the winter, and in the spring they bloom with little broccoli-like flowers which are delicious sauteed with a little garlic. But even the collards are not looking very good this winter. It might just be that we've had colder than usual weather in between our warmer than usual weather, or those days of heavy rain when they were standing in three inches of water... or maybe I'll get some clues by testing the soil.

I know there is some spiritual application in all of this. Maybe I will figure it out while I'm planting my peas.


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